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endless parties
have fun with friends
all under one roof venue
amazing shows
meet up with salseros
An entire Hotel devoted to Dancers
dance to the latest tunes
you should be here
workshops all levels & Styles
animations at the lobby
funny shows

Salseros and Salseras,

Welcome to the 10th Cyprus salsa congress official site!

This year we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary after nine successful consecutive years here in Cyprus! The Cyprus Salsa Congress takes place in Cyprus but it is really and very International event!

Friends form all over the world have been coming back to re-unite with their friends here at the unique multi-cultural, energizing weekend experience…

The year 2015 will be a Special one for us as we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary and this will be the Congress participants will remember for years…even if you have been to all of them so far, you will not want to miss the 10th Congress. If you have never been on any of the past Congresses, then get ready for a lifetime experience, as the 10th is the one you really cannot afford to miss out on!

Just by the line-up you may get a feeling of what will happen over that weekend…we are working on various ideas which will take you by surprise and blow you away… just secure your seat now as this event will 100% sell out very soon, and be patient till March 2015…

We can’t wait for this one…

Stay tuned,

The SalsaCyprus team